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              Best New Dental Podcast

What can I say, Dr. Z is providing new dental grads with no BS information to get out of debt the fastest way possible… as practice owners.

After the first episode Dr Z has really began finding his voice and each episode has only gotten better. Dr. Z in person is a straight shooter, and shrew businessman he isn’t going to waste time adding fluff to conversations. If you want to hear about composite wear rates, or the newest bonding system keep looking for another dental podcast. The Disillusioned Dental podcast aims on providing us new grads(and those preparing to graduate) with information that will guide our path to success while foregoing academic nonsense, or politically correct tip-toeing.

Supported by Dr Howard Farran, and Dr Peter Boulden this podcast is bound to get big!

Keep killing it Dr. Z


Dental Podcast Quotes
Very Informative!

Great info for new dentists and aspiring practice owners! Highly recommend to anyone in the field who wants to learn more about the business of dentistry!


Dental Podcast Quotes
Excellent! Learning lots!!

My go to podcast and listen to every episode when it comes out.By listening to The Disillusioned Dentist, I have been introduced to some great advice for growing my business. This podcast tells us dentist exactly what we need to know and teaches us stuff they don’t teach in school!


Stop Worrying & Start Practicing.

Stop Worrying & Start Practicing

Get Out Of Dental School Debt. We’ll Teach You How.

Get Out Of Dental School Debt. We’ll Teach You How.

Welcome to The Disillusioned Dentist: a millennial dental podcast where we aim to demystify the fallacy of the dream job of dentistry. We offer free advice and show new dentists the path out of dental school debt and into practice ownership. Each episode features guest speakers that have specialized knowledge in their fields to help dentist start a practice. This is an interactive podcast designed to engage all the millennial new grad dentists, current dental students and the aspiring pre dental students.

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